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Making the Top Category list the sub categories only.


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Hi there.


I want to do something fairly simple, the site I run we use to use the dynamic yahoo tree menu, but there's a bug in it which I'm still working on. For now I want the site to function almost exactly the same but with the default categories box.


Basically I want users to be able to click on the Top Category when on the front page, and have it simply display the sub categories underneath, what I don't want it to do is list the products in that top category, I want it to remain on the home page.


I've got a feeling it will be something basic in categories.php but I'm a bit stumped.

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Take a look at my site and run your mouse over one of the main categories...the sub-categories will 'fly out' for viewing and are clickable from the homepage. Is that what you're looking for? My Site


If it is, I'm using a contribution called Dynamenu. You can view it and download it here:


Dynamenu For osCommerce


Very easy to install. You can also set it up so that your subcats appear below the main category (I think that's what you're looking for)...or fly out as I've chosen to do.

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Since I last posted...I changed my 'fly-out' menu to a 'tree' menu within the Dynamenu contrib.


Just in case anyone looks and goes...huh? What fly-out subcats?


Think I prefer the tree menu. With the flyout menu, you had to use great precision with your mouse when rolling it over to select a subcat. Very easy to lose what you're trying to click on. So...I'm now using the tree menu, instead.


I highly recommend the Dynamenu contrib. You have five different options to turn on or off regarding your category box menu. Just upload the files and play with it!

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