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What have I done?


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Hi I Installed the catalog ages ago and I have had no problems, I decided to add a subdomain and it went all to pot.


I decided to delete the whole subdomain and everything I had uploaded to do with that subdomain after I had already configured admin for the new subdomain.


My problem now is..........if you look at www.mysticalencounter.co.uk/catalog you can see that all the catagories are still there including everything to do with the site, but when you click on one of the catagories they are missing.


But the admin I now have is the new one I configured...I know I was an idiot and did not do a back up. I cannont re add the categories in admin, but how are they still there in my shop?


How do I get around this without losing all categories and over 1000 products and descriptions that I have already added.


Thanks for your time. I can usually figure mistakes for myself, but this one has me baffled



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Hi...just went into my files with ftp. I went into admin/categories.php I thought I would have a look.


I noticed it says existing file 4,604 bytes...replace with 65,978 bytes....will this be it?


Can someone let me know before I press replace if this is where they are....ta

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