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Ultimate_SEO_URLs VS SEO-G


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SEO-G gives you many options and possibileties to control urls , the only drawback seems so far to be that it only for shops using 1 language.



Ultimate seo urls does not offer as many url options but is an easy install, works good and can be used in multi-language shops.

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I used Ultimate SEO on my site for years. It works well and is pretty simple to install. The downside is that you have to have identifiers in the URL so it can tell what product or category you are at. For instance, something like this: hard-floor-care-p-379.html. The p-379 lets the system know which product you are at. The stuff before that can be anything you want, but as long as that identifier is at the end, it'll work. The other downside is that it requires much more complicated rewrite rules. This isn't a problem if you are running an Apache server and can use .htaccess (which most of us do). In my case I was using IIS and ISAPI_rewrite. The syntax for ISAPI_rewrite is slightly different, so I had to change a bunch of complicated rewrite rules to work with my setup.


SEO-G is a lot more powerful, and allows you to make the URL look like anything you want, without any sort of identifiers. I am now using it on my site and I'm pretty happy with it. My shop will never be anything other than English, so any multi-language issues aren't a problem for me.

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