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XML import


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I am looking for a contribution that allows me to import all products from my suplliers catalog to my oscommerce catalog. (My suppliers catalog is not oscommerce). At the same time I need to change all the prices by a fixed ratio. (for example all prices x 1,1).


Currently I have to update hundreds of products weekly. It takes me too much time to check what products are new and what products are no longer available.


I need the following information to be the same as on my suppliers site:


product picture

product name (or number)

product price (multiplied by fixed ratio)

stock level


Is there some way to do this through an xml file??


Hope somebody has an answer.





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To give you an idea, I did something like that by parsing a frequently updated xml file from the supplier, adding a supplier id to the product table and linking to the product image on the suppliers website (with permission) if the product belongs to that supplier. You can make all kind of calculations / checkings with the parsed data before updating your database with these values ...

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Thank you for the fast reply oschellas,


I am excited to hear there are posibilities. However I do only have a basic knowledge and have no idea how to start. Could you give me more information or refer me to some online instructions?


I have header tags controller installed. Might this cause any problems?


Thank you.

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There are a lot of tutorials about how to parse a xml file with php. The coding I did is based on php4, which requires more coding. If your webserver runs php5 you'll have a lot more advantages from the integrated xml functions.


I don't think the header tags contrib will lead to problems since most processes are done through the backend, but you would have to expand your knowledge on osCommerce and XML.

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you will of course have to add to your logic to fill the header tags relevant columns also, or your SEO will suffer




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