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With and without tax


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Upload sql file with all items tax class at taxable goods. Price of item is $12.95. Show tax in price is turned off. But yet when looking up product, it shows it with tax included.


If I upload with tax class in none or non taxable, price shows up correctly at $12.95. Again tax in price turned off.


What is causing this?

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I tried uploading a new sql products file. All products priced with .95 at the end. Show products with price included turned off.


Products show up in catalog like this


gross price $12.22

net price $12.95


Shows up in the store as $12.22 unless I turn on the show products with price included.

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Do you have Zone filled in in configuration? If you do already, go through the complete tax setup, except leave the tax rate 0. I have found that if the program has issues with the zones - store and customer - it charges tax

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Don't know if I can help but I just worked on mine. You need to do what the other guy said. Go to your setup for taxes. If you are charging taxes, then you need to apply this to zones. For instance, if you live in a state, the tax there might be 9%. You have to set the zone for that state where you are selling from. No one else should pay taxes. You only have to pay your state taxes. So set up tax zones. When you do this then you set it to taxable goods. The computer should go by your zones. When you put your net prices in the product description page, put your price in net box, it should show gross amount the same. If not, check your taxes, tax included in prices, etc. Not sure this is what you are talking about, and don't really know if I know. But it worked for me and when you go to check out, it adds taxes to shipping charges. But my prices I config. are there correctly.

Hope I helped.

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