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What are the tables gets updated when i insert a new product?


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I have just install this wonderful software. Howver when i need to insert new products,i will run the software using my localhost and save the data into my localhost mysql database.


Next i will transfer the data from my localhost into the server database.


I like to ask what are the tables involve when i insert a new product data into the database?


I believe these are the tables involve when i add in a new product. Please let me know if miss out anything / if i have added in a table into my list which is not neccessary. Thanks













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There are several easy ways to exchange the data between your online server and your localhost. The most popular is to use the contribution Easy Populate, which allows you to im/export any products data from the database, so no need to concern about the tables. But basically you are right, those are the tables, even if category and category description has nothing to do with the products. But often you create a new category when adding new products, so it makes sense regarding the products/categories complex.

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Hi thanks for replying.


But as you see, when i try to add new items online, it will prompt out the error display page because of the sercurity the server has. Lets say when i go into the admin to add in new items, it will keep on refreshing the admin/categories.php which result me not able to update online.


So my only solution is to enter the new products on the localhost and transfer the database into the server.


But i do not want the new data to affected the rest of the tables. I just only want to update the tables involving the products. Any ideas please?

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Nice reply. To prevent the user to manage his database for security reasons.... My Tip, change the provider or try to figure out how to get your admin working.



Haha.. yes.. i now looking for one..

Before you took their service, their service number 1.

After u took, the results are nv the same again...

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