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please tell me i am wrong about this: :huh:


you offer paypal to your customer.

a customer without a paypal account chooses to use paypal.

paypal now forces the customer to establish a paypal account.

customer is allowed to pay by credit card.


next time customer make a purchase, paypal forces them to log into their account.

paypal recognizes the credit card number if they pretend not to have an account.



(now here is the stupid part, i think...)


customer must use paypal for this purchase.

customer must transfer money into paypal account.

customer must verify account etc... in order to point and click bank transfer.

customer is NOT allowed to pay by credit card anymore.

bank transfers can take days.

paypal is, in effect, wanting to be your savings account bank.

paypal is misleading (and, therefore, i am misleading) the customer by saying no account is necessary as this only applies to the first time.

you have probably lost a customer.



why do i seem to remember a time when you could still use the credit card to pay without being forced into the account?


this seems just crazy. someone please tell me i have misunderstood this process.

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Set the option in your settings on paypal that allows the customer to pay without having an account.



thanks Jack. i've haven't been so glad to be this wrong in some time!

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After logging into PayPal, go to your profile


Select Website Payments near the bottom of the right hand coloumn (not the Payment Receiving Options)


The option that fixes the above issue is the "Customer Account Optional" selection which you need to turn to "On"


HOWEVER .........


Note the following from the link to more info ......


When PayPal Account Optional is turned on, your customers who are new to PayPal will no longer be required to create a PayPal account to complete a purchase - they will go through an alternative checkout and will have the option to sign up afterwards. Customers who already have PayPal accounts will continue to enjoy the privileges of those accounts, such as payment history and integration with eBay Auctions, and their checkout experience will remain the same.


This feature is available for Buy Now, Donations and Shopping Cart buttons, but not for Subscription buttons.


Note: If you have enabled Auto Return and have chosen to turn on PayPal Account Optional for new users, a new user will not be automatically directed back to your website, but will be given the option to return.



Because all the PayPal IPN variants insert the code for auto-return (or so I deduce from reading the install files etc, but could be wrong) that could be one of the causes of the failed orders and customer non-returns, with subsequent lost order details etc.


Have the osC team taken this into account when coding the modules?



Wearing a seatbelt prevents head injuries when the computer crashes - - - Yeah Right!!! - not in this office.

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What I typically suggest to my clients with certain types of stores is to offer PayPal Express Checkout as an option, but to rely on a more professional payment gateway. That way fewer orders are rejected, and those who chose to pay with PayPal can do so without having to worry about lost orders.

Please use the forums for support! I am happy to help you here, but I am unable to offer free technical support over instant messenger or e-mail.

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Hi dynamo and thanks for your knowledge


However, I feel there is a huge seperation between you consultant-developer types working for corporates and larger SME's (who by definition can afford to pay an outsider to do the work) and the rapidly growing number of micro-businesses and "one-man" operations who are self-implementing osC between the tasks needed to run their business.


Many of these smaller operations (and I include myself in that group) are ineligible for "a proper gateway" for many reasons, but usually because they're working from home and the gateway services wont touch them with a mile long bargepole. Others, who would be perfectly acceptable (even working from home) in their own country, become ineligible because they're living/working in another country that is not so accomodating to foreigners, or not so developed as Europe/US etc.


For that reason, many of us come here seeking practical solutions to fix code that is broken and in order to make use of services for which we do qualify.


Quite often, it's not a code fix needed, but rather a pointer to the correct switch to flick, as in so many of the "issues" relating to different PayPal problems - most of which relate to settings needed INSIDE PayPal accounts, not the modules and contributions.


Please refrain from flippantly making suggestions like "get a proper gateway" until you know if the enquirer has any chance of being accepted for one.


No offence intended to you, but posts like your last one are really irritating to those of us struggling along, we KNOW that is a better solution, but we don't qualify, and until we can lift trading levels with a solution like osC, we never will.



Wearing a seatbelt prevents head injuries when the computer crashes - - - Yeah Right!!! - not in this office.

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At the age of 18, without even a credit card in my name, I started my first online store out of my bedroom at my parent's house. My only capital was money that I had earned from a part time job, and at that point, I had no revenue to speak of whatsoever. I got a business account with Wells Fargo, applied for a merchant account through them, which they granted (no co-signers, nothing). Then with the bundled Authorize.net payment gateway services, I was in business within a week.


You want to make me out to be high and mighty, but I started out just like nearly everyone here on these forums. In fact I have yet to become "High and Mighty," but working on it! ;)


Merchant account providers don't reject US merchants because they work from home -- they base their decision on what is sold and what kind of credit that person has. As long as it's a legal, licensed business and you haven't filed bankruptcy within the last 7 years, they don't care if you work out of your shed. This is US-centric and I can't speak for other countries.


A rough guesstimate would be that corporate clients make up about 2-3% of my client base. The vast majority of my clients are single-person operations who don't have a lot of money to spend. Again, you're trying to put me on a pedestal as though I look down my nose at everyone. Normal, everyday store owners hire normal, everyday developers like myself to work on their stores.


Please note the "certain types of stores" comment in my post -- I didn't say my advice was universal nor should you take unsolicited advice from an online forum as anything more than a helpful opinion. Perhaps it's time to take a vacation and unwind if my two simple sentences above offended you that badly.

Please use the forums for support! I am happy to help you here, but I am unable to offer free technical support over instant messenger or e-mail.

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Merchant accounts and payment gateways are easy to get if your are in the US , its also easy for companies incorporated inside the EU.


For other regions it can be quite difficult, but there are still alternatives to using only PayPal...


Here are some:


- WorldPay

- 2Checkout

- CCAvenue

- Moneybookers

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