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Lost box names/titles in column left and right


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Hiya all :)


I have lost all the box names/titles in both coloumns (left and right). The information is there just not the titles of the boxes.


Where abouts is the info for this and in which file so I can try and work out what I have done?


Any ideas on how I have managed to lose them all? :lol:


Any help gratefully received!



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The titles are stored in the includes/languages/english.php or whatever language you are using. It's defined there as BOX_HEADING_....


I have no clue how you managed to get rid of them. Look into those files if the definitions are still there. Otherwise the includes/classes/boxes.php may be modified so the box header won't show up correctly.

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eeek I haven't even touched that file yet lol


right ok lets start with looking at that file, see if I can find them then we will look at the classes lol


Thanks hon :)

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Can you give me a link to your site so I can have a look at it?



OK I can see them in the english.php file so thats good and I haven't modified boxes.php but just in case I have just re-uploaded the original file and they are still not showing ;(


Will pm you the link :)


thank you :)

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TD.infoBoxHeading {


background-image: url('images/infobox/corner_center.gif');


font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;


font-size: 18px;


font-weight: normal;


color: #000000;


display: none;




That's the problem in your stylesheet.css

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