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Replicating osCommerce


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I just starting using osCommerce a couple of weeks ago. I sure wish I had known about osCommerce a couple of years ago when I was configuring Miva for my clients. This is a dream compared to that nightmare.


I'd like to use osCommerce for myself with several online stores I am setting up. Before I get too far into this project, I thought I'd ask a few questions to validate my plans.


Here is my planned strategy:


1) Install a clean version of osCommerce (Since my hosting company offers this, I just have to activate osCommerce, turn on MySQL and then install and configure osCommerce. Pretty automatic really.)

2) Modify this with all the 'contributions' I want to include

3) Use the 'backup' function to back up the empty database

4) Download all the files from the 'catalog'


Then when I want to replicate a new store, I plan to:


1) Install a clean version of osCommerce as described above

2) Upload all the files from step 4 above into the 'catalog' directory

3) Restore the database backup from step 3 above

4) Edit and upload any logos / images that would be unique to this new store


Is this a reasonable strategy or am I missing something?


Also, in Miva, you could use a CSV text file to batch process new products. Several of my clients even used Excel to maintain their entire inventory since, Miva could be set to replace the information in the db with information from the batch file if a product already existed. Is there a way to do this with osCommerce or is there a contribution that will do it?


Thanks for any help or suggestions.



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I'm nowhere as experienced as you, but I did the same sort of thing I installed osCommerce on to my Host's server first of all.

Then, with help, I copied all the osC files on to my home computer. I used that to test everything before I changed it online. Since I didn't feel confident to install MySQL and PHP etc., I used WAMP which worked fine.


There is no problem copying the files now I know how to do it! Not a lot needs changing - only paths and permissions.


I'm almost there now except for payments. I am struggling with Paypals sandbox!

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