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Help with links in dreamweaver


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Is there anybody that can help me with another problem that I have?


I have an entry page on my site that I am currently designing that will tell people about what I do and will have links leading to my oscommerce shop. I have designed the site (not the shop!) in photoshop, taken it over to image ready, sliced it up and opened it up in dreamweaver, all very simple really.


Now the problem I am having is that when I put a link to lead to anywhere in my shop for some unknown reason it reads it wrong and for the life of me I do not know why?


The link to my homepage would be: www.twilightballoons.co.uk

but the address in the browser reads: www.twilightballoons.co.ukwww.twilightballooons.co.uk


I have no idea why it is reading it twice and I had the same problem with osc but cant figure out how I corrected the mistake. If I make the link to any site other than my own I still get the same problem for example:


If I try to link to google I get: www.twilightballoons.co.ukwww.google.co.uk


And with every page comes the dreaded 404 error.


Can anybody tell me where I am going wrong as I would be pulling my hair out by now if I had any!!!



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That usually happens if you enter the links in a style like this:


<a href="www.mysite.com"....


You should add the HTTP:// to the links and anything should be fine.


As you have actually no links on your site, I can only guess what you did.

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I have added the http:// and the links work great now so thanks very much for the help Nullachtfuffzehn.


I am also looking to make a link from the oscommerce header in my shop to my index page but I cannot find the link, I have tried looking in the index files but cannot find it, any ideas anyone?


I only got a few more hundred problems to get my head around and I shop be able to launch the shop lol


Cheers for all the help guys.

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In OSC the links are generated dynamically, basically using the function tep_href_link().


In order to put the link to your index page there, you could either use the mentioned function or hardcode it as well, most likely in your header section. It is created in the incles/header.php file.

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I am in a real dilemma now!! Am completely stuck merging photoshop with dreamweaver!


Here is my problem:


I have made the site in photoshop and sent it to image ready to slice up and everything works fine even when I open it in dreamweaver. The problem comes when I want to enter text in the main area. I have sliced the main area and the tried typing into it but it text just goes in the middle and not at the top. If I delete the box then the whole image shifts to the right slightly and does not look right.


I am completely at the end of my tether and really need some help if anyone know where I am going wrong?


Here are some links that will show you where I am going wrong:


This first image is of the site looking ok without text and the box deleted:




This is when the image moves to the right when the main content box has been deleted:




The last image is when I just type into the main area the lower bar moves up:




It would really be great if someone would be able to help me as it is driving me nuts!!



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