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The e-commerce.

"base href" header tag not picking up ssl address


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This could be a server issue, because I have oscommerce installed on 2 different servers and only one has this problem.


I am getting the alert box that asks me if I want to display the insecure images, when accessing my secure pages.


In checking things thoroughly, the only thing I can find that is different from the other installation (that works fine) is that the base href (url) tag in the header (source code) is not showing the secure address.


Instead, it shows the normal one. The page is being accessed correctly, with the https:// address, but it's only inserting the http:// one, in the code. Maybe I'm completely off-base but I think this is why the images are setting off the alert box. Please tell me if I'm wrong.


It would be greatly appreciated, if someone could tell me why oscommerce would not pick up on the correct base url, and possibly how I might fix this.


Thanks much!

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Can you post a link or your code from the header.php for that part of the link?

Search the forum and contributions before posting. If that doesn't work, keep looking, then post. The forum is for seeking help and advice NOT for someone to do your work for you. Try to do something on your on, if you are going to run a shop then learn how it works.

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