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The e-commerce.

Change the layout of shipping address to Australian standard


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Where and how do I change the way the customers name & address is displayed?


I want to change it to the Australian postal standard such as this example....


Joe Bloggs

123 Any Street

Anywhere SA 5554



Above is the correct Aussie format.


I'm a new to working in php so be gentle!



Rob S.

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There are diferent address formats that can be added and managed thru added.

Create one and set it as default.



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The address format is in your:








You can move the chunk of code with the <tr> and <td>'s in any order you need to be arranged.

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Well that didn't work :'(


Clearly I don't know what I'm doing! I thought I was cutting and pasting to the correct locations but it just put things all over the place! I sort of got a result but I don't think it was really what I wanted anyway?


I dont care at this stage if the information is entered by the customer is the wrong order BUT what I want is the address to be displayed in the correct Aussie format on the packing and shipping invoices. I want to use the info they have entered but DISPLAY it in the format I want. Was I messing with the wrong files on the above suggestion by usernameone?



Rob S.

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