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adding new pages to information box


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I'm trying to add a new page to the information box, so that it reads,


Shipping and Returns

Privacy Notice

Conditions of Use

Contact us

**New Page**


I have created the page new_page.php


I've found that I have to add the new page on information.php and also define it on english.php but I can't get it to work. I get an error message looking for ')' on information.php after where I added the new a href for the new page.


Do I need to reference the page elsewhere?


Many thanks



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If you like doing it yourself, then here are my notes on how I added an extra page:


How to make new item in Information Box called “New Page”


Copy catalog\conditions.php as new file catalog\new_page.php

Change CSS in line 54 of this file if required.

Change lines 15 & 17 to: FILENAME_NEW_PAGE


Copy catalog\includes\languages\english\conditions.php to new file catalog\includes\languages\english\new_page.php

This is the file where all the text is written. Lines 13 & 14 have the Heading Titles and line 16 has all the main text.


Add new line to catalog\includes\filnames.php viz:

define(‘FILENAME_NEW_PAGE’, 'new_page.php');


Add new line to includes/languages/english.php viz:

define('BOX_INFORMATION_NEW_PAGE’, 'This is a New Page');


Add the link to /includes/boxes/information.php viz:

'<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_NEW_PAGE) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_NEW_PAGE . '</a><br>'.

(Note: If last line then format at end is different)

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Guys, thanks!


Nullachtfuffzehn, you are correct - at least that was one of the problems. I had missed out a . at the end of the new link line 27 on information.php


Historian, many thanks for your post - you provided just what I was after in terms of the extra pages.


jcall, I shall have to check out this contribution in the future.


All working now, so thanks once again to you all.



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