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identifying correct php files


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OK, I'm starting to get the hang of this. The structure of PHP seems to be pretty similar to Perl -- at least, enough so I can stumble my way around.


My problem: I'm doing some fine tuning of the site and I'm having trouble figuring out which php file is called up and when. It seems to me the easy way to change or tweak code is to:

1. look at the page in my browser and identify the area I want to change

2. right click and view source so I can figure out what php file to tweak

3. open the file tweak it and see how it looks.


OK, maybe it's not an easy way, but it works. But, I can't always tell by looking at the page source what php file to look at. And when I can figure out the name, I can't always figure out where the file is hidden.


I figure, I'm just not looking at the right clues in the source code. Can anyone help me out.?

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Find the page in your browser. That is the first page to look at.


That file will most likely be in: /catalog


Next, look in that file. What you want to change is either in that file or its language file.


Or ... you will see include files.


Include files will be preceeded by things like DIR_WS_MODULES or DIR_WS_INCLUDES these tell you to look in /catalog/includes or /catalog/includes/modules


They match the directories in your configure.php file.

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