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Infobox Disable Enable


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Hi all ... i have a question ...

How can i disable / enable a specific infobox ..... example ...... what's new .. special ....

i am refering to the infoboxe's that are on the index page .... thank's ...

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Do you plan to disable a specific box just on the index page or in general? If you want to disable it in general, take a look at your includes directory for the files column_left.php and column_right.php.


my web site has the coding of oscommerce but it's modified .... i don't have the colum_left.php i mean i have it but it's not included in the web site .....i want to add a infobox to header.php but it seams that the infobox is disabled .... cause i added the code and it doesn't display anything ... so i think it's disabled ..

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That sounds completely different. You should have explained that earlier, so we can understand what you need.


The boxes can't be enabled/disabled. You need to create a new box object, determine the content and add the code to the Header.php. Should work so far. Maybe you want to post the part of your code where you try to create the box.

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