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The e-commerce.

buttons replacment...?


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I was able to generate new buttons, so how do I upload them and secondly where can I find old buttons loaded in order me to replace the old ones, which file? step by step lessons will be helpful for a newbie.

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just copy them over, they should have the same name if they were generated for osC and your site is stock or at least has the stock image names



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Thank you rabbitseffort. I have found those old buttons at / public_html / includes / languages / english / images / buttons

Now do I have to upload new buttons first and then delete the old ones? How does it work? - Also do I have assign the same file names to the new buttons? For example the old button name is button_buy_now.gif

(I would like to try first with one button only like button_buy_now.gif and if it works fine then I will do the rest.)

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Do you have FTP or FTP access?

Search the forum and contributions before posting. If that doesn't work, keep looking, then post. The forum is for seeking help and advice NOT for someone to do your work for you. Try to do something on your on, if you are going to run a shop then learn how it works.

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