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Changing the Left table width and Catagory Buttons


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Could someone please tell me how to change the width of the left table containing the catagoies, Manufactures and whats new...


When I add catagories to the catagory table it makes them wrap into a hard to read mess.


Also I was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to make the catagories links graphical such as a .gif button etc..


Thanks in advance

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Both the left and right columns are controlled by the same constant: BOX_WIDTH set by default to 125


I wrote a Column Controller contribution a ways back that can show you how to set up your shop to use independant widths for the left and right columns or how to turn off a column.


While you may not need the Column Controller itself, it does let you see exactly what needs changing on all the pages to get the sizes exactly as you want them.


Otherwise, if you set BOX_WIDTH to 175, both columns would be 175 :shock:

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