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Tell A Friend Emails


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Forgive me if this seems a repetitive post as it is about e-mail problems, however I have looked through the forum and can't find an answer to my question.


I have noticed that the default Tell A Friend function has a problem with Hotmail or MSN accounts - not the usual that I have seen posted on here though


Emails ARE sent where the customers email address is either an MSN or Hotmail account but only if they are sent to other domain emails... for example, I tested this using an msn.com email address sending a product referral to my domain.com email address and it works perfectly, I also tested from an MSN email address to gmail, yahoo, etc... all work fine.


My problem is that when I try to send from an MSN to ANOTHER MSN or Hotmail account then the email is not received.


Is there a way to set the code so that the from e-mail address is always the store e-mail yet the customers email is input into the mail content therefore theoretically fixing the issue?


Many thanks

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the quickest way to do this would be to edit catalog/tell_a_friend.php in order to hardcode an email address


on/around line 36 change


$from_email_address = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['from_email_address']);




$from_email_address = '[email protected]' ;


might be some " syntax error so try variations, unfortunately i have uploaded and deleted my testing sites and only have a virgin 2.2 install left so i cnat test for you


you could also look at admin/mail.php and query the database so it always pulls out the sites email address by outputting the EMAIL_FROM parameter.


regards, web-junkies

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