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SQL works in myphpadmin but tep_db_query return error?


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I'm using PHP4 and mySQL 3.23.53a on my host.

I'm trying to build a dynamic table of manufacturers and whether they have a product in a category.


It would look like this:


Category1 3 4

Category2 2 0


It will display the number of products in a category that a manufacturer has. I want to create this dynamically. I've got the SQL to work (using myphpadmin and even embedding it in the new_products.php page.

It returns the results I want but is also return a SQL bad syntax error message.


Here's the SQL (It works and after the error message does correctly display the data - but I don't want the error message?


$result2 = tep_db_query("SELECT `categories_name`, `categories_id` FROM `categories_description` WHERE 1 AND `language_id` = 1 ORDER BY `categories_name` ASC");


for ($x = 0; $x < mysql_num_rows($result2); $x++)


/* Print the Catgory (Program) Row Column Heading */


$row = mysql_fetch_object($result2);

print"<td>" . $row->categories_name . $row->categories_id . "</td>";


/* Now Lets Print the Manufactures Cells for this Row by Category*/

$Catid = $row->categories_id;

print"<td>" . $Catid . "</td>";


$rowquery = "SELECT count(*) as pcount,




FROM `products_to_categories` LEFT JOIN `products`

ON (`products`.`products_id` =


WHERE `products_to_categories`.`categories_id` = " .

$Catid . " Group by products`.`manufacturers_id`";


$result3 = tep_db_query($rowquery);


for ($x = 0; $x < tep_db_num_rows($result3); $x++)


$row3 = mysql_fetch_object($result3);

print"<td>" . $row3->manufacturers_id . " No. Prod = " . $row3- >pcount . "</td>";






Here's the error message displayed in the page:

1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'Group by `products`.`manufacturers_id`' at line 5


SELECT count(*) as pcount, `products_to_categories`.`products_id`, `products_to_categories`.`categories_id`,`products`.`manufacturers_id` FROM `products_to_categories` LEFT JOIN `products` ON (`products`.`products_id` = `products_to_categories`.`products_id`) WHERE `products_to_categories`.`categories_id` = Group by `products`.`manufacturers_id`




BUT it correctly displays the rows fetched from results3?

tep_db_query is displaying an error message (I think it doesn't like assigned the $Catid variable in constructing the SQL) - But the mysql_fetch)object does return the expected rows and data?






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