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Payment Module NOT Working


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Hi All,


new forum user [1st post], new to OSC, not a programmer or webmaster, just wanted a webstore to process website transactions, thought it would be a whole lot easier than it has been so far.


osc account is set-up, trying to link to PayPal Pro in 'payment modules' section of admin and cannot get the program to INSTALL - this results [i think] in not being able to process credit card or paypal transactions [can process thru the ordering secreens and input steps until 'confrim transaction' then credit cards error to 'unalble to connect to pay pal servers' and paypal defaults to the 'sandbox', whatever that is?!?


Also talked with a paypal rep on the phone yesterday he inidicated that my API settings may be a problem as well, but have no idea what that means. Sounded like I have to fix the install problem first. Please advise.



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Paypal pro needs:



3)An agreement and account from Paypal.


If these are then use 0.91 paypal wpp by Dynamoeffect.



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