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The e-commerce.

ERROR when I tried to start the installation


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Hi friends,


I copy all files in my hosting and created the database, but when I tried to enter in my server to install the oscommerce, I get this message:


FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!

Somebody know what happens?... What should I do to solve this FATAL ERROR??


Thanks a lot,


Rainiero (Spain)

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Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration


You get this message when Register Globals is set to 'off' in a file called php.ini.

On a shared server you may have access to a 'local' copy of php.ini, but it's most

likely that you won't. If you do then you can edit your local copy to set

Register Globals to 'on'. On a shared server you certainly won't have access to

the main php.ini file which is for all sites on the server.


What can you do if you don't have access to a php.ini file?


1. You can create a file called php.ini and put this inside the file: Register Globals = On

2. You then put this file in the catalog folder (if you use one), and again inside the

admin folder, and yet again inside the install folder.

3. If your site is hosted on an Apache server with a Unix or Linux Operating System then

you can try turning on Register Globals by the use of a .htaccess file in the folder level

where your osCommerce website will be located, with this code in it: php_flag register_globals on

and you can also try: php_value register_globals on or you can try using 1 instead of on

4. You cannot use .htaccess files on a Windows server and the use of .htaccess to turn

on Register Globals may not even work on an Apache server, because your host may have

disallowed it.

5. If all else fails you can install the Register Globals Patch by Richard Bentley which

is available from the Contributions section of the osCommerce Forums. This enables the

default osCommerce to work with Register Globals set to off in php.ini.

6. Be aware that if you use the Register Globals Patch most Contributions (add-ons)

available for osCommerce won't work on your website without modification, because

most are not written to work with Register Globals set to off in php.ini



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