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VendorTxCode protx


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You can change this in admin by clicking edit on the payment module protx


Merchant ID






By default is has test Ids these wont work by default on the live server you will need a protx account.


However for testing you can do the following:



If you just want to test this module then leave the default username and password intact and edit the

file catalog/includes/modules/payment/protx_form.php and change


$this->form_action_url = 'https://ukvps.protx.com/vps2form/submit.asp';




$this->form_action_url = 'https://ukvpstest.protx.com/vps2form/submit.asp';

Graham Wright


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Can you complete in test mode ?


Are you using new checkout snapshot ?


Definetly sure you have endtered user name and password as given by PROTX ?


I had problems in test mode and possibly live mode with a similar error and error 404 - sorted the whole thing by changing in store admin:


Configuration -> My Store -> Store Name


This definetly carries through to PROTX as a vendor code.


It displays "such and such amount" to Pay "<whatever you have in your store name> try chaning this to match what protx give you as vendor id.


Also found another problem in test mode in the fact that if your store name had a space in it (ie multimple words) then this caused a BIG problem. In the end I had to use just one word on its own - ie instead of "first aid save" i had to use "firstaidsave" - however I only tested in

test mode - cuz im still waiting for login stuff so that I can go over to live.


Tell me how you get on!



Graham Wright


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Well I have mine working in test mode with no problems at all.


However I will be taking my client live on Monday or Tuesday.


So I will let you know.


Do you have a test URL with Protx live I can look at ?



Graham Wright


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  • 11 months later...

Help please...


I am having the very same problem with the vendor tx code. I have tried everything listed however it still does not work.


Everything works great in test mode but a soon as i enter my id and password in the admin area it fails to go through.


How did other people set this up? do you have to edit any of the code?


Hope to hear from some of you soon this is driving me nuts.


Kind Regards,



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