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Can only buy 1 thing from x catagory and only if buying 1 thing from x catagory


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I was wondering if it is possible to not allow people to checkout if they have:

  • 1 item from "Category 1" with nothing from "Category 2"
  • more than 1 item from "Category 1"
  • more than 1 item from "Category 2"
  • 1 item from "Category 2" but nothing from "Category 1"

this is because I am trying to sell something that can only be bought as a "package" so "Category 1" and "Category 2" would then be different parts of the package.


eg. "Category 1" might be what type of box and "Category 2" is what piece of jewelery, you can't buy the jewelery with no box and you can't buy the box with no jewelery. you also can't buy 2 pieces of jewelery or 2 boxes in the same order. You can however buy as many items as you want from other categories( eg. "Category 3")

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can't find the edit button...


If it's not possible to do what I said above then can I somehow make the orders go to a queue to be checked(by me) to ensure they have the correct items, and after they are checked send a email to the customer asking them to pay?

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still looking...

I am with you ... in looking :)

Just kidding .. not sure if you are asking about this

A. User Orders (but doesn't pay)

B. You Review Order made

C. You intimate user about changes that have to be made ?

D. User Accepts & modifies

E. You again approve

F. User now pays

G. You ship?


Why can't you just place packages that you wish to sell instead of making this all a lengthy process....

So Pkg 1 ( 1 box of choclates + 3 eggs + 5 whistles) -- for 99 $$

Pkg 2 (3 box of choc + 1 egg + 2 Whistle) -- for 199 $$



Just a thought...

Best Regards,

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because there are too many combinations? like going by my jewelery example it would be something like...


Package1 = Necklace 1 with Box 1

Package2 = Necklace 1 with Box 2

Package3 = Necklace 1 with Box 3

Package4 = Necklace 2 with Box 1

Package5 = Necklace 2 with Box 2

Package6 = Necklace 2 with Box 3

Package7 = Necklace 3 with Box 1

Package8 = Necklace 3 with Box 2

Package9 = Necklace 3 with Box 3


That's already 9 packages for just 3 items with 3 different boxes...


The box would be a item with a price of 0 and the Necklace would have the price in it...

So it's kinda like 'buy 1 thing from "Jewlery" category and get 1 item from "Box" category free'


don't know if that makes a difference...


I could put the "Boxes" as attributes but then I need to add the boses toeach item and if I wanted to add a new box I need to go through and add it to every other item.

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