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The e-commerce.

email not working


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Hi all,


I have read few post from forum about the problem but could not get the answer to my problem.


My problem is when i send email from OS to the customer...the customer could not receive email. And i do not receive any error message from OSCOMMERCE.

I am still in development stage the OS commerce is store in my development machine....i have not upload to the server.

I followed all the steps from the David Mercer's book - OSCOMMERCE - Professional Edition.


I have following settings. I am using Windowns XP - Professsional edition

1) E-Mail Options

E-Mail Transport Method : smtp

E-Mail Linefeeds : CRLF

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails : false

Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS : false

Send E-Mails : true


2) My Store

Store Name : Navigating Apac Test 1

Store Owner : Bryan Test 1

E-Mail Address : [email protected]

E-Mail From : "Bryan Test 1" <[email protected]>

Send Extra Order Emails To [email protected]


3) PHP.ini file in Windows directory has set to SMTP server : mail.navigatingapac.com

PHP.ini also set : sendmail_from = [email protected]

P/S : mail.navigatingapac.com is a internet mail service provider. Navigatingapac.com is my registered domain name. The mail properties need to checked the box "My server requires authentication" - Is this the main problem to my email not working????? If yes, what should i do?


4) Send email to customers.

Customer email is : [email protected] (which is i registered in OS for testing purpose)

From : [email protected]


Thanks for take time to read and tahks in advance. Much appreciated.




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bryan niau,

SMTP = mail.navigatingapac.com


Needs to be set to in your php.ini


I hope this helps




hi dittones,

thanks for your reply.

I already added to php.ini file as mentioned above.




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