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Bug Report: File Manager


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This has happened to me twice now and the first time I am pretty sure but this time I was on my guard and I am certain; here's how it works.


I go to file manager, navigate to includes/languages/english/index.php and edit it. I add a snippet of code (just a link this time) and verify at the top of the box that I am actually in the .../english/index.php file. I click save. It takes me to the directory listing in the ROOT directory (not the English directory, where I was). I checked my site and it shows me a blank page. No errors, nothing.


So I opened up root/index.php and it looks exactly like what I just tried to save to english/index.php. I opened up english/index.php and it had not been updated with the changes I just made. I updated the changes to it again and this time it saved it to the correct directory. I went back to the root/index.php and pasted in the correct code from a backup and it saved it too.


I would like to see if:


A. This can be duplicated by someone else and

B. If this can be added to someone's to-do list.


I know I'm not the only person to have this problem because a net search showed several people with the same symptoms, but most of them never nailed down the problem.






P.S. To everyone who worked on OSCommerce, the program wrocks.

Down with Microsoft! Power to the people!

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