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The e-commerce.

Using NetFirms, NetFusion8, and OS Commerce


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I'm using NetFirms to host my site online. It was recommended to me by a professor and a fellow student. But I'm beginning to think that either I'm in a bit over my head, or that it's not as great to host a store as I was told. In truth it might be a little bit of both but I digress...


I have no problems creating a site using their NetFusion8 program. It's actually a rather useful tool. I added a few test pages, put some pictures up, even created "catalog" and "store" pages with some semblance of e-commerce stores on them. Good, done.


Then I hopped over to OS Commerce and started creating the back end of the site. The meat and potatoes (well, diamonds and gemstones in my business....) of my store. Had a few hiccups to being with, but all looks good now. Good, done.


Then a very big, deal-breaking question comes up: How the hell do OS Commerce and the NetFusion site link? I have tried all the options I can find in NetFusion, looked over all the documentation on the NetFirms site, and have been searching through here for days. Nothing seems to address this problem.


Now, I know that it means that it's probably some stupid mistake that i just don't see, and while that would look really bad for me, I hope it is so I can get my store up so I can at least test it and make sure it's all right before the bosses come down on me for taking to damn long.


Can anyone help? :(

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Well nevermind. Tech Support got back to me to tell me that, while they tell you to use OSC, it cannot be implemented directly into the website. WTF?


So now I've got another problem: how can I get users from my site to the OSC store, without making them think they have left my store? I'm thinking a redirect and changing some coloring and font formats for the store... but that's gonna take a bit of work now... and can you make OSC with a green background and gold text? Guess I'm off to the forums again....

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