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The e-commerce.

x-cart.com shopping cart system


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Haven't used it but got a comment:


osCommerce sets you $200 ahead.



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I have used it .. like it a lot ..

Wanted to switch an early v2.2 osCommerce customer to it .. but the customer preferred osC .. and so did I after doing an upgrade to the latest snapshot (oct 2002).


x-cart is powerful and has a buncho things built in .. but osC has been MUCH easier for me to manipulate .. and is more user friendly to my clients.

A big benefit of osC of course is the cost .. but this community is an even bigger benefit .. x-cart developers were sometimes right on an issue .. but sometimes nowhere to be found .. for days.. weeks.. and then your free support time expires and you have to purchase more :(


Here is a live x-cart shop (with great products btw ;)



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that is good info to know about. support is great if you can find it! the cost seems minimal, but modifying the cart is essential. they say it uses the smarty template system, which is good.

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The whole system is quite possibly the sloppiest collection of code I have ever had to work with. There are no standards in the php OR HTML. Personalizing the site is truly a b*tch. The package is horribly overpriced and support is available for only a limited time after purchase. Since the authors are Russian, much of the English has to be translated into, well... English.


Also, all the thumbnails and images are stored as binary entries into the MySQL database. (And that makes sense why?) Retrieving the files slows download time considerably.


Hence the reason I'm switching to osCommerce for my new client's site.

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Measure the TRUE cost.


$200 is nothing , however x-cart is based on a sliding scale. More users/functionality more cost.


One of the VALUEs of using OSC is the user forum that exists. The type of "service and suport" you receive here should be factored into any decision.


Who is going to support the solution once its installed, You or the customer. Is the customer going to be willing to pay the support costs, if so would you rather x-cart got them or you. If you are going to support the final product, how many "incidents" of support coverage can you afford.


OSC is open and configurable to ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN DREAM. limitations are based soley on what can be accomplished via your or somebody elses code.


I used to be a hard core shrink wrapped solutions guy , buying everything or making it myself (or my guys), however OSC has made me far more profitable. :D




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