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server memory being eaten up when idle


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I've noticed running OsCommerce 2.2 that after sitting idle for a while 2.2 eats up server memory, but when someone accesses the store and pulls a few pages, memory frees up. For example my server show 100 MB's free and when someone acesses my store and goes through a few pages, the free memory jumps up to 120 MB's or more. After the person leaves and it sits a while the memory is slowly being eaten back up by OsCommerce 2.2.


This is the only PHP program that I run doing this. Postnuke doesn't do this. When someone access my Postnuke sites it acts like I think it should, memory gets taken up. Is there a solution to the OsCommerce 2.2 issue? I'm using mysql to store sessions and cache is being used and stored in the stores /tmp/ root directory.


Any suggestions ar greatly appreciated.





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Seems strange it consumes memory while being IDLE.

You'd assume it will eat some when actually doing something...

Have you got persistent connections (mysql) set to true?

Other than that I really do not see how non-active php scripts that do not

get accessed through the web server could consume any memory at all,

wether they are osCommerce or not doesn't matter.

Must be something else or there is something in there that is doing something...

connecting/updating/fetching whatever...

Any contributions that might do that?

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No, I didn't use PCONNECT. I don't have any contributions other than the cvv one. I'll try it without using mysql sessions and cache just to see what it does.


I've also noticed that when my server free memory goes below 100 MB sometimes OsCommerce displays "Page not found" errors. Do you know of some server setting that may cause "Page not found" errors with MS IE?





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