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changing catalog pages but not admin pages?


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Question1: does it affect anything if I make big changes to the catalog pages and add stuff to the database and change tables via phpMyAdmin but don't reflect the changes on the admin page? So all my changes would be done to the code on the actual catalog pages and I wouldn't alter certain items via the admin tool, but via PHPMyAdmin?


I just want to make sure the catalog will still work even though some of the admin pages might not. I'll have to make changes to some of the pages, but I don't want to mess with the category and product attributes pages in the admin tool.


Here's what I'm thinking of (any input on my logic here is greatly appreciated; ie - am I out of my mind or not)

1. user buys product

2. user gets redirected to a page containing attributes for the product

3. user chooses attribute for product

4. user gets redirected to shopping cart page.


I have 160 attributes for each of 90 products; the normal way of choosing an attribute is not user-friendly and also isn't very good marketing 'cuz the attributes are a major selling point. The attributes are free.

example: I buy a bottle of perfume oil

now I get to choose a fragrance but there are 160 fragrances to choose from, grouped into 10 categories.


To accomplish the above, I'm thinking that I'll copy the catalog/categories.php and catalog/../module/product_listing.php pages and change them a little to treat the attributes like products on the pages. (and also change the pages that are affected by the above two page/module)

- And I need to figure out how the attributes are handled right now, so I can figure out how to move them to another page.


Question2: Does it sound like I'm on the right track?


thank you in advance!

- Dana

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I posted an Attribute Copier Add-on that allowed you to use the Duplicate Product and then copy the attributes from the first product to the new product.


This might help you see how this is done or be a possible solution for you in making attributes that are the same for your products in an easier manner.

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