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Japanese email encoding ???


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I am using charset 'euc-jp' encoding on my japanese website, and all the pages display characters correctly. I have tested with hotmail and yahoo accounts, and the registration and order confirmation of japanese emails sent to these mail boxes are also displayed correctly. My settings for email Content-Type are text/plain iso-2022-jp encoding.


Here is my setting in catalog/includes/classes/email.php


$this->build_params['html_encoding'] = 'quoted-printable';

$this->build_params['text_encoding'] = '7bit';

$this->build_params['html_charset'] = 'iso-2022-jp';

$this->build_params['text_charset'] = 'iso-2022-jp';

$this->build_params['text_wrap'] = 998;


However, I have some customers can not read japanese emails sent out by us. I know that character ! will screw up in iso-2022-jp encoding; therefore, I replaced it with empty space before sending out email. I have tried with euc-jp for the email encoding, but iso-2022-jp encoding is more compatible. Hotmail's default setting is s-jis, and euc-jp encoding will not display correctly.


Do you know any other characters beside ! ? Do you know any php function that will fix wrong transformation of iso-2022-jp encoding in the email ?


Have any one try the following setting as TAMURA Toshihiko suggested ? I heard that mbstring can be used to convert either s-jis or euc-jp to jis, which will display correctly in iso-2022-jp. Will mbstring function solve all the email encoding issue ? Any one has tried the following ??? My website is live now so that I can't do a test. I would like to do an extensive research before I try it.


1) PHP configure options






2) php.ini setting


register_globals = On

output_handler = mb_output_handler;

default_charset = "Shift_JIS"

mbstring.internal_encoding = EUC-JP

mbstring.http_input = auto

mbstring.http_output = SJIS



Any suggestion ???


Thanks A Lot,


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