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In cat/inclu/lang/english


after the statement

'TEXT_MAIN', ' insert between '

where I have insert between, you can add image links to the catagories


<A HREF="http://www.yoursite.com/index.php?cPath=46"><img src="images/beach-de.jpg" ALT="Beach Soft Towels" ALIGN="middle" WIDTH="125" HEIGHT="145" HSPACE="05" VSPACE="05" ></a>


set the width and height to your image you want displayed

ALT is for any words you want


use a <br> to separte images

you need to try sizes till you have what you want, the size across the index is about 380-400

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THanks for fast reply but i ment....


FOUR BOXES (Sorry)... In these boxes, it shows the links/image of hard drives, cpus, os, video cards, etc .... ?? (that will random itself once the page refreshes)

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