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Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread


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For the moment I deactivated my GC. The orders where processed and I did fulfill them in a backwards way.


But I am tired of getting 5-10 emails every day: 'Attention required: order notification failing'.


None of the orders or the client info ever arrived in oscommerce. Thanks for all the work you doing on this. The google help sites are utterly useless.


I will keep an eye on this forum, now that my shipping season slowed down a little.


Thanks again.



The Configuration>Sessions settings are often the cause of GC not working right. I have Prevent Spider Sessions and Recreate Session set to true and the rest set to false. When I set Force Cookie Use to true, GC doesn't work. Orders don't appear on Customers>Orders. Other common causes are problems with SSL and shared SSL. The includes/configure and admin/includes/configure files have to be set correctly. There are many things that have to be aligned in order for GC to function.
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2.2rc2a + GCO 1.5

I'm still with this unresolved issue


>>> Stock levels no longer adjust (storewide) once GCO 1.5 is installed <<<


There was discussion of this issue earlier in this thread, but without a solution - did anyone ever find the source of the problem?


Short of that, could someone point me to the various code section(s) where the inventory adjustments are supposed to occur - I can hopefully sort it.


Thank you in advance


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Ok, I tried a second time to post a fix for the gc_dashboard file but the same problem occurred. An emoticon (smiley face) appears in the code when it posts, it doesn't appear when you're initially filling out the form to post, though. Maybe someone can figure this out.

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Google Checkout is being phased out. I received this email recently.


An update to Google Checkout



A key focus of Google Wallet is to simplify and improve the commerce experience for merchants and shoppers. Just last week, we announced two enhancements to the Google Wallet platform. The Instant Buy API enables merchants to offer a fast buying experience to Google Wallet shoppers on their Android apps and websites, while processing their own payments. In addition, the new Wallet Objects API enables merchants to engage their customers with loyalty, offers, and more.


As we continue to build the Wallet platform, we must focus our priorities. That is why we are announcing today that we will retire Google Checkout. We remain heavily invested in building a platform that enables merchants to meet the demands of a multi-screen world where consumers shop in-store, at their desk and on their mobile devices.


If you are a U.S. merchant that does have payment processing, you can apply for Google Wallet Instant Buy, which offers a fast buying experience to Google Wallet shoppers.


More details

• We will continue to process Checkout transactions until November 20, 2013. The last date for refunds will be December 20, 2013.

• After November 20, 2013, all order reports and history will be available for download.

• In order to help us disburse all funds to you and file your tax forms properly, please verify that your Tax ID and business name match what is shown on your income tax return.

• You will see slight changes to the Merchant Center as we go through this process with you.


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I received the same e-mail yesterday. Sadly it seems that Google have decide to make all this hard work moot and pointless.

"Switch to Google Wallet or suck it up."


As far as I know there isn't an add on for Google Wallet integration on here (correct me if I'm wrong). Sucks for those who use it.

Not enough time in the day. Need a time machine...


Would build one, but not enough time. Ironically.

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From what I understand, there is no alternative for online stores. They appear to be pursuing Google Wallet as a solely mobile/Google Play payment method.


Sites that only use Google Checkout will need to replace it with the osCommerce checkout or another third party checkout such as PayPal Express Checkout or Amazon Checkout.


Sites that use the osCommerce checkout can simply turn it off.

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