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The e-commerce.

what version do I have running - its hosted?


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Hi All, :)


:twisted: admin section, stylesheets.css and java not working!


I dont know what I did, but its just showing a white background with black text, I dont know what version I have running


I've uploaded/download copied over - I have just made a mess, I had my web-host reinstall the shop, but the stylesheets.css and java where not replaced as I think they are from a different version of osCommerce.


Its not the biggest problem in the world but I would like it to look normal,


I just played with a diffrent version of osCommerce and in the admin/modules/payments section it allowed me to "install or remove" payment contributions - they version I have running live (demo) does not allow this feature - no wonder I could not add "Aust direct deposit payment Contribution" last night.


the shop is at www.maxidvd.com/catalog


I use the "Hsphere web control panel" on my host to remove and install the osCommerce shop but it does not replace the stylesheets.css and java script need for the admin - well all sections really, but It does replace all the .php files - which is great really...


so does any know what version I have running? and where I can get the default ""stylesheets.css and java scripts"" for my shop, if anyone has them, I would really appreciate a copy.


well thats all I have to say about that.

Cheers Lee

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Sorry, it's not possible to tell from the catalog side what version you are using.


If you just want to get the stylesheet.css for the admin a current one shouldn't cause any problems.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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that worked - ha,

thank you..


I have this error in my /admin/default.php

its there by default, before I made any altercations at all.



1054 - Unknown column 'shipping_cost' in 'field list'


select orders_id, customers_name, date_purchased, orders_status, shipping_cost from orders order by orders_id DESC limit 5

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  • 6 months later...

I have the smae problem MaxiDVD

Anyone? Anyone?

Beuller? Beuller?

Anyone know how to fix this on the admin/dfault.php. I would like to see what is ordered without having to click though a bunch of screens.


Whether you like it, or don't like it, you better learn to love it.

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