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Multi admin with levels


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Hello everybody,


I have osC 2.2 installed on my Linux Webserver. Most recently I have installed a SSL-certificate which works perfect for the main (catalog) page. Customers go to their profile or want to sign up, get transfered from http://www.mydomain.com to https://mydomain.com. Which is build in feature steered by the config-values in /includes/configure.php I guess.


As a next step I want to secure the backend (admin). I have renamed the folder (admin) already. As some persons of different levels should login the backend, I installed the contribution"Multi admin with levels". Login works fine with full functionality of "Multi admin with levels", but only until URL stays http://www.mydomain.com/backend.


To enable SSL for the backend I have entered https://mydomain.com/backend/ in /backend/includes/configure.php.


Then I redirected http://www.mydomain.com/backend to https://mydomain.com/backend in httpd.include of the Apache Webserver.


When calling http://www.mydomain.com/backend I get correctly transfered to http://mydomain.com/backend with established SSL-connection (shown in Browser).


Problem is, that login don't works any longer when using SSL and I have no clue which settings to change. I've seen, that a Session ID "osCAdminID" gets created and shows up sometimes in the URL (but believe that was only when testing the http:-part :blink: )


Apart from this I noticed that all Links on that Login page and believe also the Login calls http:// URL. Probably I need to check the URL-building functions, but I thougt from the Source Code, that SSL-NONSSL-things get sorted out already?!


Has anyone a solution?



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