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oscommerce-2.2rc1's version of ipn.php


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Hey folks,


I recently upgraded my site to oscommerce-2.2rc1 and noted that the ext directory associated with the IPN contribution is already there?

What's the story?? Has Terra's IPN contrib been merged into the head project? If so does the vanilla paypal method now support credit card processing?




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I asked asked a similar question when RC1 was first released, here is what I got.


Hi Ano..

It is based on v1.1 of the official osCommerce PayPal IPN contribution found here:




It would be a good idea to try the newer modules out on a test installation before upgrading them on your live shop installation.


I took the trouble to briefly compare these 4 'versions' of paypal ipn ( the one come with RC1, 2.2 by Terra, 1.1 by Mark and the very original 1.0), and I would say the above statement is basically correct: the differences (judging by the number of lines changed) between v2.2 and the RC1 version are much more than those between v1.1 or v1.0 by hpdl and RC1.

The above conclusion also applies to the ipn modules.



Well, I have to own up to making a mistake. For easy integration the best version to use for a default osCommerce Pay Pal IPN module is 1.4 and not 2.2. Edith (Terra) soon corrected me on that, which wasn't difficult as she works in the next office.





Hope this helps, as i still have not activated IPN or upgraded to a newer version, your best bet is to probably post in the official IPN thread and they would be able to help you with any problems you come across while upgrading to RC1

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Thanks a million 1848. Cheers for getting back to me.

I got a bit confused with the last section there on the easiest integration?

You mentioned the best version to use was 1.4 and not 2.2??

But their different projects aren't they? Paypal contrib v1.4 and OsCommerce2_2?




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From what I gathered was if you was to upgrade or integrate any of the other Paypal modules the best to use for the easiest integration is 1.4 and not Terra's 2.2 and that was coming from Terra herself.


They are different projects, but I think they may conflict with each other or something, I have not messed around with this yet as I am working on other contributions to get my site the way I want it first customer side and then i will work on the other side of things including trying to integrate one of the Paypal modules as well as the Google Checkout Module.


I think our best bet is to search the official thread and go from there, as even though I am not sure which version of IPN I am going to use, I am leaning towards Terras.


Hopefully somebody else has asked the same question.

Powered By osC 2.2RC2a STS 4.5.8 - HTC 2.6.3 - FP 1.5.9 - BCH 1.0.0

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Hey eighteen48,


Yer gonna integrate the google checkout?? That google checkout products gonna be big isn't it?

Do ye think it'll give paypal a run for it's money in time?


Sorry about this now but I'm still confused about the versions. i'm only using OsCommerce recently but I have

a programming background so I'm familiar enough with the concepts. When you refer to '1.4' what product

are you referring to?? and the same for '2_2'? Are they different versions of the same product or diff products

altogether. Apologies for asking this again but you're referring to '1.4' and '2.2' and I'm a shade lost as I'm not

too familiar with the different modules/contribs yet.


Any chance ye might be putting a wee contrib together for the google checkout?? :-"




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Okay sorry about this, the 1.4 and 2.2 is the different version of Paypal IPN, check out this page http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2679/ it shows all the version of Paypal IPN basically each one you see is an improvement over the other with the assumption the number is higher. Kinda like Windows XP, you have Windows XP, then XP SP1 (Service Pack 1) and then XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) with Windows XP SP2 being the most stable and best version of the three.


As for if Google checkout will give paypal a run for its money I think so, especially since for owners of store who use it and Google adverstising gets discounts and such. All ads by someone who offers Google Checkout will also state that in the ads. It has a lot going for it if they can get all the kinks worked out.


I am not going to be putting together a contrib together as my knowledge is very small, I can get by and fix most errors i get, but that is about it.


Google already has put out their official contrib for osC which can be downloaded from here or their site as well as, plus there is also another contrib out there and maybe another on the way. So I guess as they say only time will tell.

Powered By osC 2.2RC2a STS 4.5.8 - HTC 2.6.3 - FP 1.5.9 - BCH 1.0.0

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