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The e-commerce.

SSL if you have Public_HTML and Public_SSL


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I have a heavily modified osCommerce installation.

I have just obtained FreeSSL to test the SSL capabilities

of osCommerce and am just waiting for my hosting

company to install it.


When it is installed, what will be the next step. I know

how to configure the configure.php files, but on my

server I have two folders ... Public_Html and

Public_SSL. Currently all my folders are in

public_html, but if I go to the https:// version

of my site, it opens up the test index.html file

currently in Public_ssl.

Will I have to copy all or some of my files to the

public_ssl directory, or is there an easier way of

going about this.

Also, I only want the osCommerce installation to

connect to the secure server when a customer

is either creating an account, logged in or going

through the checkout procedure ... I don't want

SSL when just anyone is browsing the site, as

I have counters and stuff for statistics that will be

disabled when SSL activates.

How would I go about this.


I don't want to have to resort to having a full time

https because then there will be images and things

that won't be able to be displayed.




Itai Etzman.


P.s. You can see my site at www.digitaladdiction.co.za

and type https:// to see the test file however, you will

get a security warning because the certificate isn't

installed yet.

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If you set up your configure files correctly then the only files that will be secure will be the ones you are wanting. Once your SSL is installed by your host the only thing is to set up your configure file to reflect the SSL.

Search the forum and contributions before posting. If that doesn't work, keep looking, then post. The forum is for seeking help and advice NOT for someone to do your work for you. Try to do something on your on, if you are going to run a shop then learn how it works.

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