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Creating a duplicate site


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I've got two osC sites. My client wanted one for the general public and one for vendors (with reduced pricing for vendors).


They're both up and running, but we haven't done anything to the vendor site since it was set up. We have made modifications to the retail site (new products, using osC contibs, tec), however. Now my client wants the vendor site to match the retail site.


Both use their own databse.


Is it possible to copy the files from the retail site to overwrite those in the vendor site, to add all the additions/modifications from the retail site to the vendor site? (Of course, certain files need to remain unique, like configure.php which contains info specific to the vendor site).


I'm assuming products not currently in the vendor database, would have to be added manually.


Is there a simple way to making the two sites "mirror" each other at this point or am I looking at a lot of hands on work? I just want to get an idea of what I'm up against here.


Thanks very much for any help!

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1)download retail site code.

2)Rename vendor site code folder.

3)Upload retail site code downloaded code to vendor site code.

4)Frmo vendor site renamed code get config file and replace in catalog and admin.


This will do.


But if some contribs were added that resulted in entries to data base then that part needs to be cheked.



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My question that I was just about to post is similar to this issue posted. I want to setup one website with two logins, one for retail and the other for wholesale. Does osCommerce allow you to do this so that retail customers see one price and the wholesale cusomers see a discounted rate?

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