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What Gets Added to Where when Add to Cart is Clicked?


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Can someone tell me just what info gets added to where when a customer adds to the shopping cart?


I am currently working on a site that sells hand-painted designs on various items - greetings cards, soaps, candles, etc.


The problem is that the items are basically the same but have many variations ie you can choose several designs and these can be on say 10 different colours of card, each card can have 3 different apparture type, and each card can have a selection of messages - Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, etc. So quite a lot of variations


I thought about using options but a customer really needs to 'see' the overall design. This would mean scanning images for every variation - not a quick task and may be confusing for the customer.


So I have written a little Flash MX movie. The customer can then click on an option and the image changes to reflect the chosen options - ie a Red Rose on a Cream Card, Oval Apparture, I Love You message, etc.


This is great! As it instantly shows the customer what the design looks like.


But I want to feed back into osCommerce the details of the finished design options so it's added to the osCommerce shopping cart and the customer can go on and buy it.


I know Flash can send/receive info from php and can figure out how to do that (I hope) BUT I need to know WHAT info is required by the osCommerce database and just WHERE to add the info in the underlying mySQL database ocCommerce uses.


Can someone tell me just what info gets added to where when a customer add to the shopping cart? This would be a great help





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