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Download Page For Pending Downloads


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Tru here,


More and More, since I had a download driven website, it was really annoying to have to go to the order history page to download things. Not to mention, due to the download controller that's there, if someone makes an order, it doesn't clear until the admin clears it.


this is a definitely 'right out of the box' script.


this is what it does


1. shows all the active links

2. puts a box on the right column, telling the user how many downloads are left

3. if the downloads expire or are bad links, then they do not show up, and the box does not count them

4. allows user to archive their downloads if they have already downloaded what they wanted, and have no further use for the file. However, the order history page is unaffected and the user could still download them there if they realize they need to do so again

5. and most importantly, if there are not downlaods available, the box disappears.



you can view an example at http://test.animeglore.com/catalog/default.php



login: [email protected]

pwd: test1





note: I paid for this addon (reword, i paid to have this contribution made), so if anyone really likes it or uses it, then please make a small donation. but you don't gotta since this is GPL so you don't gotta.


I didn't mention this in the contributions area, and now i see that i probably should have


THIS IS NOT MY SCRIPT. it belongs to sw45859, at [email protected].


He made it, it's his, i paid for his service, dat's about it.



Enjoy and report any bugs, although, it's been through the wringer already with tests.

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Good to see that even a person paying for a contribution can donate it back to the community.. a quick note about the script.. If I hit to download the file.. It prompts me to open, save, cancel, etc.


I'm not a very good programmer but it seems that users could get upset if they select "Cancel" and it still debits the amount available to download. I don't know how you could fix this.. just thought you might need to know!

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dude, isn't that a microsoft problem? *grin* lol


well, they have the same 4 or 5 tries, the same as before. ya know?


and if they downlaod it, then archive it, then realize, oh no, i didn't get it all, not a problem, come back to the site, head to order history, boom, there it is.


once it's used all it's download tries, or expires, then it's simply that.




they only disappear when there are no remaining downloads, and when the link expires.


ya dig?

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I was 99.99% sure that it was a browser dependent deal.. perhaps the best method of regulating a download option package such as this would not be to use http as the delivery method. Perhaps php mailing the file as an attachment (but then you have to deal with bounces, etc.).


I think this package could be used in a variety of applications.. I personally don't have a use for it (yet... ;) ). I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of that *feature*

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  • 5 months later...

thank you for the module, I'm still working on getting it right.

I noticed 2 things.

1. in the box, it always says you have one download left no matter what it trully is.

2. the archive button....

what does this do? As far as I can tell it seems to erase the remaining downloads.. should it not be named remove if this is the case?



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  • 2 months later...

Hi there, hi dreamhost,


the archive button makes sence if you create a second page which does a query with archive='yes'. This way people would get the downloads out of their way, but could still access it ;-)


Now my question, if I do click on a download link the downloads count only gets updated when you reload the page. Is there any way to update this automatically?


Thanks and best regards



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