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The e-commerce.

Please critque this new site.


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Hi Will!


It looks pretty good, your header GIF is broken though. Nice, clean and simple layout.


Suggestion....drop the DOB, in the create an account or at least make it optional. Also, you can change the background color there with the stylesheet.

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missing images (header) but i can only assume that your in the midst of updates when i view the site. Ive always been a fan of properly used 'white space' and 'consistant' color schemes. Perhaps for the boxes ect a slightly more saturated background to show seperation from the background. But, i regress... perhaps thats exactly what you DONT want... you want all the same color. I do like the soft background color... its not overpowering and fits with the products in the catalog. A black background would be a definate no-no.


'push buttons'... perhaps a preload images script maybe in order. there was a slight delay on mouse-overs.


Id suggest moving the 'About Us, USA and Canada Directories, Our Guarantee, Customer Service Form' from column_right.php to the column_left.php. I think people are generally geared to look to the left rather then the right and i would say this info takes precidence over the privacy, and conditions of use stuff.


Just my opinion. hope that helps. and if i offend your creativness... thats CERTAINLY NOT MY INTENT. :)


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Not bad, but I'm not sure why you have different bottons for:




Also not sure about the Search being where it's at, maybe it looks good with your header image?

Other wise looks nice.

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nice clean pages which makes the flowers and colors stand out


but the images look a little scattered because not all of them are cropped at the edges and are inequal in size. (would recommend PhotoImpact by Ulead for a inexpensive and easy to use image editor for cropping and resizing images)


if the images are going to be permanent i would suggest you crop them or frame then in a grid (gridlines can be a thin faint grey or a faint blue-grey which add some uniformity without spoiling the clean look)


about the top banner if it is an ad banner then my preference is to have a vertical banner at right with all the other navigation to the left ( not sure if it is possible in your setup) and with a thin top bar with your name and log, address etc.


I am thinking of standardising this layout for all websites: 75% width at left for the actual page+ 25width at right for ad banner or unimportant images and links on a 17inch monitor (to make actual website fully visible even if viewed in a 14in monitor). Except for the homepage the top bar will not be more than about 10mm (to avoid downscroling). This way I will have a lot of space for the actual content.


ok whatever......thats my views anyway.....i may not be correct since i am still learning but i prefer some clean looking sites to sites which look like the map of densely populated slums of honkong. lol (dont worry you are far from it)


but dont miss seeing this site http://www.trendcurve.com/

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