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Build a product wizard?


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I will search through the forums but I'm not sure what keywords to use..



Basically are there any add-ons or built-in features to allow a step by step process to "build" a final product .





Step 1 -> Choose your belt

- Brown Lizard skin chosen +$100


Step 2 -> Choose your buckle

- Silver Western Twirl design chosen +$250


Step 3 -> Choose your size

- Size 34 chosen



Al the steps could be on one page but some belts won't work with some buckles etc..


Can anyone respond to this? I appreciate it!




John Munsey

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There are no modules that will provide that functionality out of the box so you're gonna have to do some custom programming. One thing I think you could do is take a look at the custom computer configuration mod, with some modding that could work. You'll need to add some javascript to cover the different options, but that wouldn't be all too hard.

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Well unfortunately I've never even written a "hello world" program in PHP, so it would be a bit tough for me at first.


I'm an ok programmer with VBScript and Javascript among others but not really sure how I'll do with PHP..


This is for a friend's company and I'll be doing it for free or cheap so the less work I have to do the better..


Thanks though - at least I got an anwser!


Has there been a feature request to allow categories/products association with other categories/products? That might be a good one to add, but I'll take the template system first please :)


Thanks again,


John M

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