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The e-commerce.

Partially off topic, but still web related


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I need to set up folder for my customers with a limit of 15Mb each, that is not a problem as it can be done by setting quotas, but does anyone know how I could create a loop as to were the first file would be deleted in order to make room for the newest file and so on. I am going to have a system uploading pics to each of these folders on a average of ever five min and I would like to have the pics start overwriting themselves when the 15 meg limit is reached, this way the customer can come in and look at a 2 or 3 day history of the pics.


I do not know if this is going to have to be custome done with something like asp or if there is allready software to do this.


Thanks, Kirk :shock:

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Although I'm not really the one to ask directly about this...I know a little more info will be required.


1) What type of server are your running on (ie Win, Linux, BSD ECT.)


2) Do you have full access to the machine (ie SSH or TELNET) or is it shared hosting


3) How good are you with any of the web languages? (PERL, PHP, ASP, SHELL ECT...)


I'm happy to help out how I can after you post that info.




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Well I run my own dns and web servers.

I have both a windows 2000 IIS server and a redhat 7.3, apache server.

so I can basically do what I want, and if need be I have the ability to build another server for dedication,,,, the world is mine.


I am good with html, and I can get around with javascript asp and php, but I am not great at it.


I do not think that I could do much with asp and php if I had to start writing the code from scratch.

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Hi Kirk,


As I mentioned I'm not really the one to ask. I was just making sure that if someone did run across this they would know all they needed to know.


I have had great results posting on the PHP newsgroups, Some serious knowlege out there for the asking. I don't think I've ever posted there and not had my question answered.


:arrow: news://news.php.net


Hope this helps,


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