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Tiered Pricing


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Hello all,


This is my first post here, as I've just begun setting up my first osc-based shop. So, if I'm out of the loop, please forgive me. :)


I'm looking for a (assumedly contributed) module or something that will allow me to have customer groups that have their own unique pricing.


I suppose I would need to assign [4] different prices to each item when it is created; one for each customer group.


I saw a post with questions to the legality of this in the archives. IANAL, but myself and some of my business colleagues have been doing this for quite some time. We deal in wholesale computer parts, and provide certain customers with better pricing based on how much business they have done with us. So basically it's like a big order discount, thats rolls over.


ANY input is appreciated. This forum has proved to be very helpful and supporting thus far just through my searches, thank you very much!

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Hire a coder :)


You will have to force your clients to log in.

Create customer groups

Assign 4 different prices to products / 1 for each group

Change ALL pages to check and worj with the price group they need to show




"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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I really hate to admit this, but I have about 80 percent of the code done.


Looking at how long I have worked on this so far, its still could be a good

3 to 4 weeks or more, from being released.


The biggest delay is that one of the wifes domains expires next month so I have to move it.

Of course she wants it completly redone.



If you need it sooner, and hirer a coder to do this I will be happy to send them what I have

done so far, as long as it is released as gpl in the contribe section.

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Last time I looked, the discount was based on percent of price.

Some business site do not use percent to calculate a price list.


Some sites who sale to other business or dealers need the ability to have multiple prices

Such as a price for retail to normal customers (me).

A price for dealers on list b.

Another price for dealers on list C.

They also need the ability to keep prices list B from being viewed from those who see price list C.


This something that would be only useful to a few user of OSC mostly those

who are wholesalers selling to dealers or other business not to the general public

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what you need is planed with customers status... but not ready.

it will use the staffelpreise module to set a net price for each status.

the discount will need to be set @ 100% and then only the net price will be applied....

but i have just worked interface for that for instance...

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  • 6 months later...


I have recently installed the Seperate Pricing v3.3 mod within my site for the very same purpose you indicate. It is working very well for me, you may want to give it a go...




The GraphicZoo

check profile for web address

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