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Linking to images

Paul W

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I've made a catagory but when i try and link to

an image it says IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST. I've put in

/catalog/images/filename.gif is this the correct format? I've tried loads of

things but no joy. Any suggestions?


Many thanks


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When adding categories, products, etc, make sure that you're uploading through the Category>Categories/Products admin interface.


If you've FTPed images into /catalog/images/filename.gif, the database doesn't have the paths in it, so it won't ever be able to find them.


If you're not FTPing and ARE using the admin interface, beats me! :)

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Also for categories make sure you are not using the same image twice. For example if you have a apple subcategory under inkjet and an apple subcategory under laser, when you create the laser and try to use that same image again, you will get that error (I dont know why). I just copied it and adder laser to the original name and tada!





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