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Tax Rounding


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Alright, I have searched the forums and found what I thought would work, however, it does not. I am sure I had this working before, or perhaps I just missed it.


Sales tax in my area is 7.5%, however, on checkout osCommerce displays it as 8%.


I am using 2.2CVS with a snapshot of 10/29/02.


If have changed the following line in application_top.php


define('TAX_DECIMAL_PLACES', 2); // Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places


however, it does not affect the display.


What have I missed?



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Figures. Here is what the problem was.


I recently started with a fresh snapshot and reinstalled all modules I had in my previous version, however, I forgot something.


I am using a Canadian Tax Hack 1.2.2 (or something along those lines) and I forgot that there is a hard coded rate in the following file as per the instructions :oops: which I neglected to changed when I reinstalled the files:


Modify catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_tax_pst.php, replace 8 with your province's PST rate (for example, BC=7.5)

Note: there are 2 places, one in line 33 and other in line 34


With that done, everything is back to normal. :D


When ever something doesn't work that used to work, always go back over your list and think to yourself, "what have I changed?" and start from there....usually helps me, mind you, I hate finding it after I have posted to a forum.

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