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How do you Change what Credit Card Types I Accept


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OSC doesnt stipulate which cards you do or do not accept in the first placce.


So with this in mind you cant change what you do and dont accept anyway.


That is if I understand what your saying clearly...


I would imagine you are talking about payment acceptance, in which case it is down to you to decide what you want to accept and then either create the code or look in contributions and see if there is one for you already.





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hi, i am not under standing what you are trying to say, can you please explane it?


what i'm trying to say is: when some body goes to check out, Using there CC, It does not let you select what type of CC the Custmer Has (ex. Master Card, Visa, ect.) i can only accept some CC's Not all of them.


do you get what i'm trying to say?


Please Help, Thank You.

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I think I understand better now.


What you are saying is you when you take a payment you want a part that says whether the card is vis, mastercard... etc etc.


In which case I dont really know how you could change this, but to be honest I didnt ever think this posed a problem for people.


Anyone else experienced this as a bad point??



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i know what he means, but all i did was make a pic like that bloke above said, along the lines of 'we accept'.


etc. etc. etc.


i don't think there is much you can do. go into the downloads then contributions and look under features or something.


make sure you back up first. a lot of it hasn't been tested with 2.2.

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