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The e-commerce.

I urgently need some testers for a mod to auto-install mods


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I am in the process of amending a program so we can make installations of mods a much easier process.

This program I am doing will be called something like OscMod. It will allow for the creation of mod files and the fast and relatively painless installation and uninstall of mods.

Not all process can be automated like new images will have to be uploaded and new files will also have to be uploaded. This program, however, will greatly reduce the time needed to implement a mod.


I have a working file I need tested by others. It is at http://www.prosynergysales.com/downloads/Osc Mod.zip


Please Unzip it, click on the Osc Mod icon and follow the "Readme" to use it. You will need to download a copy of your catalog from the server via ftp or whatever as the files must be available locally.

I have the Wishlist mod in there for testing.


Currently the program is sensitive to spaces and such so make sure the files you are editing are in good shape.

Some files must be uploaded manually and they are in the Wishlist ver1.1_auto.zip


Please let me know how this works.


I also need the graphics changed to be more inline with OsCommerce. If anyone good on graphics want to give it a shot, please let me know.

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ok i couldn't find a yabb.pl so I created a blank one and put it in catalog folder on local drive.


This is error I got.


starting log...


script path: C:Inetpubwwwrootcatalogyabb.pl


detected script: autodetect failed


selected script: OSC Mods test


installed mods: 0






now installing: Wishlist 1.0 (wishlist.mod)






Step 1 ... ok


Step 2 ... failed - ERR(1): Search string could not be found


Step 3 ... failed - ERR(1): Search string could not be found


Step 4 ... failed - ERR(1): Search string could not be found


Step 5 ... ok


Step 6 ... ok


Step 7 ... ok




> modifications failed! 3 errors occured. Please see readme for help on the error messages.

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Yes, that is it. Great minds and all that. LOL



The error codes are because it cannot find that exact string. The spacing on the file it is editing might be off.



One problem I am having with this is that it is so sensitive to spacing. I am trying to figure out how to compensate for that. I e-mailed the person who wrote the program and will update the adownload file once I figure out how to spot such errors.

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