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Downloaded Items page


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Would anyone be interested in, or interested in making a 'Items you have to download" link or page?


just a link that will lead someone straight to the downloads. Personally I think it's a hastle to try to get to the order history and such.



if no one will do it, i will try, but i need help. just point me in the right direction please....

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The downloads are on the checkout success page. The only time you do not see that is when using the Downloads Controller and the downloads are not yet available.


Then, the email gives the exact address for the customer to go to for retrieving the downloads.

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well i'm using paypal ipn (don't know if that does anything)


but the downloads AREN'T there.



not on the sucess apge. and i sorta put a controller in, remember i mentioned? that way, if it's not at status 2, then it ain't going no where.


think you could make something like free shipping and free purchase that will automatically leave the order at a higher status than 2?


if not a downloads page, then how about a link that says "you have downloads waiting" or something

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That is what the Downloads Controller is all about.


It sets the order status based on your defined settings for each payment module.


Until I have time to re-write my free Downloads Controller add-on for you ... you will have to be patient or perhaps re-write it yourself :D

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i wish.


well how about that download link so when the person signs in, they can just click this little box. TRUST ME, people download tons at my site so they have to keep visiting my account all the time, that's so annoying.



could you give me an idea of what i could do?

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Hire a programmer to write you something customized to your needs perhaps? :D


Design a program like this and contribute it for others who might need it? :D


Dream about having it and pray someone writes it so you don't have to do either option 1 or option 2? :D

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I cant get the download feature to work, i've enabled it everywhere i can think of and once i mark the order as delivered, i login as the user and no where can i find the download feature


Any assistance?

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