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Products Attributes Oddities


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I have been working on a store front at http://www.pamrandle.com/shop (not live yet) and I have worked through all of the problems except one.


All of the products have (will) have 3 options:


1. Type - where they chose either no mat, which is $10 cheaper, or double mat


2. Inner Mat Color - they have 4 color choices


3. Outer Mat Color - they have 4 color choices (same choices)


The problem is though I can not for the life of me figure out how the order of the attributes are created on the pages. To illistrate what I mean if you check out my product at http://pamrandle.com/shop/product_info.php...&products_id=28 it is perfect there.


On the other hand at another product page http://pamrandle.com/shop/product_info.php...&products_id=36 they all are messed up.


This sounds like a dumb thing and it shouldn't matter, but with this site if they chose "No Mat" then there is no point for them to choose mat colors.


I have tried asking in the chat room and nobody could help me there (this time, great help before) and I have spent the last hour searching the forums here with out being able to find anything. I have even tried different ways of entering the options in the admin area.


Any and all help would be appreciated.



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Thanks I downloaded that and it explained alot about how it works behind the scenes. But I don't believe it will work for me :( because I do not want them to be sorted alphabaticly. I just need them to be in the same order on every page.


I was hoping I could just enter them and they would be the same. It seems to be more random though when I add the product attributes.


Any other ideas?


TIA (again)


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You could use that in addition to the Attribute Copier add-on I made.


This let's you take an existing product and copy to a duplicate product. Now edit the duplicate product that is created for prices etc. and the attributes are already added for you in the order that they were sorted with the Attributes Sorter.

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