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(checking out form) payment not working


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I get so far as filling out the details in the first form and the form will not go beyond this.


Shipping Method

This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.


If I hit continue after

Continue Checkout Procedure

to select the preferred payment method.


I get absolutely nothing at all it just stays there onthat page doing nothing!


Any ideas?



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The new snapshot uses different information for the configuration table than the older snapshots.


If you have a live site on the older snaphot, you want to make new MySQL database for testing purposes and use that with the new code.


Turn off each shipping and payment module, and make sure in the configuration table there are no left behind peices and parts for them.


Now, turn on the ones you want and reconfigure them.


They should start working, once they have their proper settings in the configuration table.

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This might sound stupid! but do the payment and shipping modules need to be installed seperately?


If I am in the admin 'payment I just get this


Payment Modules

Modules Sort Order Status Action

Module Directory: /home/catalog/includes/modules/payment/


the same with shipping


Shipping Modules

Modules Sort Order Status Action

Module Directory: /home/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/


I dont get anything I can turn on (usual story lol)


So do I need to install models seperately?



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I am running the newest snapshot (7th November) and have it set on a cobalt RaQ4. My problem is; The checkout gets stuck on shipping address and when trying to go to the next stage, it just returns to the shipping page.

My shipping modules dont seem to offer any configuration at all. Is it better to edit the code directly rather than use the cp?

:roll: Its getting to be quite a frustrating thing!!

Cheers all

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Please post what shipping modules you have enabled. I am sure if this bit of information was given at an earlier time that this issue would have been solved already.


A list of steps of what you click on or what you enter would also be extremely helpful.


Otherwise, general questions are replied with general answers.

:heart:, osCommerce

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I just made sure my database was completely empty, did a fresh install of the newest snapshot, and tried doing a test transaction. I have always been able to do this in previous releases, but now it hangs on the shpping page.


When I'm logged into the Admin area looking at the shipping modules, they're all "red", and clicking on them doesn't give you any options to edit them. Does this have to be done in the .php file for each module? If so, how?


I'm assuming that checkout isn't working because it can't find a method to ship by. How do I enable one? Thanks much in advance.

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I had this problem, until i went into the admin and made sure i had one shipping module (flat rate) enabled. This let me get past the shipping module into the payment section.




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